Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors: The Framingham Study

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SUMMARYThe impact of cardiovascular disease was compared in non-diabetics and diabetics in the Framingham cohort. In the first 20 years of the study about 6% of the women and 8% of the men were diagnosed as diabetics. The incidence of cardiovascular disease among diabetic men was twice that among nondiabetic men. Among diabetic women the incidence of cardiovascular disease was three times that among nondiabetic women.Judging from a comparison of standardized coefficients for the regression of incidence of cardiovascular disease on specified risk factors, there is no indication that the relationship of risk factors to the subsequent development of cardiovascular disease is different for diabetics and non-diabetics. This study suggests that the role of diabetes as a cardiovascular risk factor does not derive from an altered ability to contend with known risk factors

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