An Ultrasound Doppler Technique for the Noninvasive Determination of the Pressure Gradient in the Bjork-Shiley Mitral Valve

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SUMMARY The accuracy in determining the pressure gradient in the Bjork-Shiley mitral implant from noninvasive ultrasound Doppler data was explored in nine adult patients. Manometric and ultrasound data were collected simultaneously, and identical diastolic periods were used to compare the manometric gradient (APM) with the gradient obtained from ultrasound data (APu). In the nine patients the mean diastolic value of APM ranged from 2-12.5 mm Hg and the difference between the mean diastolic values of APM and APu was 0.3 ± 1.0 mm Hg (SD). The results of the investigation indicated that the method is accurate and reliable in the noninvasive determination of the mean diastolic gradient in the Bjork-Shiley mitral implant.

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