Carotid Baroreflex Function in Young Men with Borderline Blood Pressure Elevation

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Carotid baroreflex function was assessed in 10 normotensive young men and 20 age-matched subjects with borderline hypertension (successive blood pressures above and below 140/90 mm Hg) by measuring sinus node responses to brief neck suction. Subjects with borderline hypertension were divided into two equal groups according to their average systolic arterial pressures. Baroreflex responses were reset to function at higher pressure levels than normal in subjects with mild borderline hypertension, but reflex sensitivity was normal. Responses were also reset in subjects with more severe borderline hypertension, but reflex sensitivity was subnormal. The results suggest that a gradation of baroreflex responsiveness exists among patients classified as having borderline hypertension: Subnormal responsiveness was found in those subjects whose resting average systolic arterial pressure was 140 mm Hg

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