The Characteristic Sequence for the Onset of Contraction in the Normal Human Left Ventricle

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The sequence for the onset of segmental contraction of the left ventricle was studied in 25 normal patients by analyzing sequential frames obtained at 16.7-msec intervals of right anterior oblique (RAO) ventriculograms by two independent methods. In the first method, we compared the times of onset of contraction of the hemidiameters associated with each of 54 segments with the time of onset of contraction of the average of all the hemidiameters for the ventricular contour. In the second method we used a radial coordinate system and determined relative phase relationships by plotting the motion of each of 54 segments against the average motion of all segments.

The resulting pattern showed that, on the average, the midregion of the inferior wall began to contract 25 msec before the apex and the midregion of the anterior wall began contraction 18 msec before the apex. In 12 of 25 patients the interior and anterior walls both began to contract before the apex. In only one of 25 patients did the apex begin to contract first. This sequence of contraction corresponds to the reported sequence of electrical activation for normal human left ventricles.

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