Uric Acid: A Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease?

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SUMMARYThe association between serum uric acid the prevalence of ECG abnormalities was analyzed for 24,997 employed men women, white black, age 18–64 years, from the Chicago Heart Association (CHA) Detection Project in Industry. In addition, the relationships between uric acid 5-year mortality from all causes, from cardiovascular diseases (CVD), from coronary heart disease (CHD) were analyzed for 7804 white men women age 45-64 years from this study 967 white men age 44–63 years from the Chicago People's Gas Company Study. For men, the associations between uric acid the prevalence of ECG abnormalities with mortality appear to be secondary to associations between uric acid other risk factors. For women, however, the associations could not be explained by other risk factors.

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