Noninvasive Recording of His-Purkinje Activity in Patients with Complete Atrioventricular Block: Clinical Application of an "Automated Discrimination Circuit"

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In seven patients with complete atrioventricular (AV) block, His bundle electrograms (HBEs), standard ECG recordings, bipolar esophageal ECGs and highly amplified, filtered, bipolar chest lead ECGs were simultaneously recorded. The filtered chest lead ECG was averaged to determine His-Purkinje activity (HPA). A simplified device, the "automated discrimination circuit," was used to selectively eliminate the superimposed atrial and ventricular potentials that are characteristic of complete AV block and unsuitable for signal averaging. The processed chest lead ECG was amenable to conventional techniques of signal averaging. In four patients with block proximal to the AV node diagnosed by HBE, there was no activity after the P wave in the surface-averaged ECGs. HPA was consistently recorded before the QRS in the surface-averaged ECG. The measurements of the HV and HPA-V intervals were very close, with a difference of ≤2 msec. Three patients with block distal to the His bundle by HBE showed a loss of electrical potential before the QRS in the surface-averaged ECG, but had a consistent HPA after the P waves. The P-HPA intervals coincided well with PH intervals, with a maximal difference of 5 msec.

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