Coronary Artery Responses to Physiological Stimuli Are Improved by Deferoxamine but not by L-Arginine in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetic Patients With Angiographically Normal Coronary Arteries and No Other Risk Factors

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Acetylcholine produces coronary artery (CA) constriction in diabetic patients, suggesting an impairment of endothelium-dependent dilation. In diabetes, multiple metabolic abnormalities may inactivate nitric oxide through oxygen free radical production.


This study shows that (1) responses of angiographically normal CAs to CPT and to flow increase are impaired in diabetic patients; (2) abnormal responses are not improved by L-arginine, suggesting that a deficit in substrate for nitric oxide synthesis is not involved: and (3) deferoxamine restores a vasodilator response to the two tests, suggesting that inactivation of NO by oxygen species might be partly responsible for the impairment of CA dilation in diabetic patients. (Circulation. 1998;97:736-743.)

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