ApoCIII Gene Variants Modulate Postprandial Response to Both Glucose and Fat Tolerance Tests

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We investigated the relationship between variation in the apolipoprotein (apo) AI-CIII-AIV gene cluster and response to an oral glucose test (OGTT) and oral fat load test (OFTT) in the EARSII group of young, healthy male offspring whose fathers had had a myocardial infarction before the age of 55 years (cases, n=407) compared with age-matched controls (n=415). The apoCIII variations examined were C3238G (SstI) in the 3[prime]-UTR, C1100T in exon 3, C-482T in the insulin response element (IRE), and T-2854G in the apoCIII-AIV intergenic region.


These data suggest that specific genetic variants at the apoCIII gene locus differentially affect postprandial and response to OGTT and suggest a novel mechanism for the effects of variation at this locus on risk for atherosclerosis. (Circulation. 1999;99:1872-1877.)

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