Abstract 208: Follow-up Study in Kawasaki Disease By Treadmill Exercise Test And Echocardiography

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Kawasaki disease (KD) may result in coronary aneurysm formation and increased risk of cardiovascular complications such as ischemic heart disease. Therefore, the early detection, non-invasive monitoring and long-term follow-up of myocardial ischemia are essential. This study sought to determine the ischemic heart disease by treadmill exercise test and two-dimensional echocardiography. Three hundred and four patients with a history of KD from 1995 to 2005 were retrospectively analyzed. Among them fifty patients who agree with the study underwent exercise test and 2D-echocardiography. The patients were followed for 11.6 years(8 to 17) from disease onset. The coronary artery ectasia regressed in 21 patients. No stenotic lesion could be found in the coronary artery in follow-up echocardiography. And no significant ischemic changes were detected. There is no evidence of persisting coronary ectasia and dysfunction of cardiac perfusion in patients with previous KD in this study. However, these patients should be counselled to avoid potential risk factors for other complication such as atherosclerosis and long term follow up is needed into adult life.

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