Abstract 222: North American Kawasaki Disease Registry - Advancing Clinical Research Through Collaboration

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Background: Clinical research in children with Kawasaki disease (KD), particularly those with coronary artery aneurysms (CAA), is challenging due to the limited number of patients available at any single institution. This has resulted in imperfect evidence for optimal management and considerable practice variation.

Methods: The North American Kawasaki Disease Registry (NAKDR) was started in July 2013 to determine the prevalence, patient-level and pharmacological risk factors for outcomes of CAA after KD. The NAKDR enrolls KD patients diagnosed from 1999-2013 with CAA (defined as any segment with a z-score >2.5). The NAKDR and its internet-based data entry portal are maintained at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Local ethics approvals and bilateral data sharing agreements are necessary for participation. Participation in the NAKDR is currently unfunded and voluntary. In September 2014, a survey on the future of the NAKDR was sent to all participating centers (response rate: 54%).

Results: 45 sites have been invited, of which 37 (82%) agreed to participate. As of September 2014, 20 sites are actively submitting data; 17 are still being initiated; 706 cases have been submitted. The majority (90%) of members indicated that they wished to continue enrolling newly diagnosed patients and continue follow-up on patients already enrolled. Members were split (45% for, 55% against) as to whether the NAKDR should be expanded to include all KD patients, regardless of CAA status. Finally, while most NAKDR members (60%) indicated that site reimbursement was not an absolute condition for future participation, most members suggested that potential funding sources should be sought to expand/facilitate activities. At term, the NAKDR is expected to comprise ~1,400 patients and, if moving forward, add ~120 new KD patients with CAA per year.

Conclusions: The NAKDR is an important tool for clinical research in children with CAAs after KD, and its success represents broad support from clinicians. The next step will be to formalize the NAKDR leadership structure, create standard operating procedures, and pursue prospective studies and funding.

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