Abstract 18397: Surgical ECPR Implementation by Emergency Physicians

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Introduction: Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR) is recommended in the management of refractory cardiac arrest (CA). ECPR implementation technique and teams vary across the world. It can be done with a cut-down by surgeons or percutaneously by emergency physicians. However, failure rates can be important. We have developed a hybrid implementation technique by emergency physicians with a surgical cut-down followed by seldinger insertion technique.

Methods: Retrospective single center observational study between jan 2014 and dec 2016. ECPR is implemented by emergency physicians either inhospital or in the prehospital setting. We compared implementation times and failure rates in both setting.

Results: see Figure 1 Conclusions: These results show the possibility of ECPR implementation by emergency physicians with reasonable delays and low failure rates (<10%). This technique is appropriate in every situation, whether it be inhospital or on the scene of the CA. ECPR implementation by emergency physicians increases accessibility to this technique and increases survival by reducing time to implementation.

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