Abstract 20087: The Inflatable Mini Anne® Manikin May be Used as an Inexpensive Alternative to a Standard Life-size Resuscitation Manikin During Instructor-led BLS/AED Training - A Randomized Controlled Study

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Introduction: The inflatable and inexpensive Mini Anne® resuscitation manikin is widely used with a self-instruction video and allows dissemination of BLS/AED skills to large groups. The learning outcome following instructor-led BLS/AED training using a Mini Anne® compared to a standard life-size manikin is currently unknown.

Aim: To compare skills among laypersons following BLS/AED training using either the Mini Anne® or a standard life-size manikin.

Methods: We randomized laypersons to use either the Mini Anne® (Laerdal) or a standard life-size manikin (Resusci Anne®, Laerdal) for instructor-led BLS/AED training. All participants underwent an end-of-course test on an AMBU® Man-manikin (AMBU). The primary endpoint: performing all steps of the European Resuscitation Council BLS/AED algorithm correctly (passing the test). Secondary endpoints: CPR quality parameters and manikin preference.

Results: In total, 100 laypersons were randomized 1:1 to train on Mini Anne® (mean (SD) age: 53 (14), male: 24%) or a standard life-size manikin (mean age: 56 (16), male: 42%). There were no differences in pass-rate (14% vs 16%, p=1.0), in chest compression depth (54 (11) mm vs 59 (11) mm, p=0.06), chest compression rate (92 (17) min-1 vs 96 (16) min-1, p=0.27) or effective ventilations (50% vs 29%, p=0.36) in the Mini Anne®-group and standard life-size manikin-group, respectively. Among all participants, 91% preferred the standard life-size manikin.

Conclusion: BLS/AED skills from instructor-led training using the Mini Anne® manikin was not significantly different compared with training on a standard life-size manikin. The Mini Anne® manikin may be used as an inexpensive alternative to a standard life-size resuscitation manikin.

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