Abstract P174: Early Onset Parental Hypertension is Associated With Hypertension Status of Their Offspring

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Background: Family history is a important risk factor for hypertension (HT), however impacts of parental early onset versus late onset on offspring’s HT has not been explored yet in Asian countries.Methods and Results: We analyzed 1,524 participants from two Korean prospective cohorts in cross-sectional design. Early onset was defined as onset before age of 55 and participants were categorized according to parental hypertension(PH) status; “No PH”, “late onset PH” and “early onset PH”. Logistic regression was conducted to compare risks of HT on parental, maternal and paternal HT status. Participants’ HT onset age was compared using least-square means. Overall prevalence of HT was 25.7% (392/1,524) and that of “early onset PH” group was 33.7% (98/291). This group conferred an OR of 3.83 (95% CI, 2.67-5.54) for HT. The onset age of HT was earliest in this group (48.2 years; 95% CI, 47.3-49.2).Conclusions: Early onset HT in parents was associated with high HT prevalence in offspring and also with their onset age. Therefore, for applying early prevention and intervention to the high risk population, it would be beneficial to identify whether individuals had early onset PH.

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