The Forgotten Ventricle?: The Left Ventricle in Right-Sided Congenital Heart Disease

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The right ventricle has frequently been described as the forgotten ventricle in the circulation. However, its importance both in acquired and congenital heart disease is now unquestioned. This recognition has led to improved risk stratification and development of algorithms for intervention, which incorporate measurements of right ventricular function as key components of the assessment of many conditions. Indeed, such has been the emphasis on characterizing right ventricular dysfunction; the contribution of left ventricular dysfunction to the outcomes of diseases traditionally thought of as right sided has perhaps been underappreciated. In this review, we remind ourselves of the biventricular nature of almost all cardiovascular diseases and, in particular, how the left ventricle can both be a culprit in causation of, and a potential therapeutic target for, late morbidity and mortality in congenital heart disease.

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