Comparison of Spatial Instantaneous ECG Vectors, Measured with the SVEC, with Mean Vectors Derived from Conventional ECG Leads
Determination of Total Tissue Sodium Concentrations by Use of Radiosodium
Antiarrhythmic Action of Ambonestyl
Lipids of the Serum and Connective Tissue of the Rat and Rabbit
Effect of Altitude and Cobalt Polycythemia, Hypoxia, and Cortisone on Susceptibility of Rats to Endocarditis
The Immediate Influence of Increased Venous Pressure Upon Resistance to Flow in the Dog's Hind Leg
Effects of Protoveratrine, Serotonin and ATP on Afferent and Splanchnic Nerve Activity
Influence of Adenosine Triphosphate, Adenosine Monophosphate and Heparin in Experimental Arteriopathy
A Study of Hypotension (Shock) Produced by Meningococcus Toxin
Effect of l-Arterenol Infusion on “Central Blood Volume” in the Dog
Auricular Fibrillation Induced and Maintained in Animals by Acetylcholine or Vagal Stimulation
Studies on the Antithrombin and Heparin Co-factor Activities of a Fraction Adsorbed from Plasma by Aluminum Hydroxide
Measurements on the Elasticity and Damping of Isolated Aortic Strips of the Dog
The Speed of Ventricular Activation Measured in the Spatial Vectorcardiograms
The Acute Effects of Elimination of the Moderator Reflexes Upon Cardiac Output and Total Peripheral Resistance in the Anesthetized Dog
Magnitude and Time of Development of the Collateral Circulation to the Lung after Occlusion of the Left Pulmonary Artery