Effect of Small Degrees of Venous Distension on the Apparent Inflow Rate of Blood to the Human Calf
Efficiency of Oxidative Phosphorylation of Heart Muscle Mitochondria from Digitalized Guinea Pigs
Effect of Exercise and Coronary Artery Narrowing on Coronary Collateral Circulation
Volume-Pressure Curves of the Human Arm
Role of Autonomic Hormones on Left Ventricular Performance Continuously Analyzed by Electronic Computers
Effect of Epinephrine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin Upon Systemic Small and Large Vessel Resistance
Effect of Oral Anticoagulant (Marcumar) on Prothrombin and Related Components in Blood Coagulation
Effect of Acute Cardiac Tamponade on Red Cell Volume, Total Plasma Protein and Plasma Volume
Cationic Shifts and Blood Pressure Regulation
Dynamics of the Circulation in Acute Hypertension Produced by Stimulation of the Cerebral Cortex
Effect of Plethora and Hemorrhage on Left Ventricular Volume and Pressure
Regulation of the Degree of Emptying of the Left Ventricle by the Force of Ventricular Contraction
Lipoprotein Patterns by Starch Electrophoresis in Idiopathic Hyperlipemia and Hypercholesteremia
Deposition of Lipid in Calf Aorta Maintained in Vitro
Estimation of Clotting Accelerator Activity in Plasma after Ingestion of Fat
Factors Influencing Collateral Blood Flow to the Dog's Lung
Effect of Lung Denervation on Pulmonary Hypertension and Edema
Studies of Vitamin B Depletion in Perfused Hearts
Action of Human Plasma on the Isolated Frog Heart
Estimation of the Residual Volume of the Right Ventricle of the Dog's Heart