Special Article
Inhibition of Vaccinial Hemagglutinins by Sera of Patients with Coronary Heart Disease and Other Chronic Illnesses
Hypocholesteremic Effect of 17 α-Methyltestosterone in Dogs
Hypophyseal Influence on Function and Composition of Cardiac Muscle
Relationship Between the Anatomical Orientation of the Interventricular Septum and the Manifest Orientation of Ventricular Depolarization in Dogs
Study of High Frequency Components in Electrocardiogram by Power Spectrum Analysis
Vasoactive Substances in Blood and Urine of DCA Hypertensive Rats
Ventricular Response to a Pressure Load
Experimental Dissection of Media of Aorta by Pressure
Effectiveness of 1-Dimethylaminoethyl-4-benzylpiperidine (IN379) in Prevention and Regression of Experimental Atherosclerosis in the Rabbit
Hemodynamic and Metabolic Effects of Hypothermia and Extracorporeal Circulation in Experimental Myocardial Infarction and Shock
Role of Vasoconstriction in Experimental Arteriosclerosis
Body Composition in Experimental Congestive Heart Failure
Contour of Electrically Induced Premature Ventricular Beats Before and After Experimental Myocardial Infarction in Dog
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