Renin in Experimental Renal Hypertension in Monkeys
Relationships Between the Release and Tissue Depletion of Norepinephrine from the Heart by Guanethidine and Reserpine
Study of the Relationship Between the Neurotransmitter Store and Adrenergic Nerve Block Induced by Reserpine and Guanethidine
Detection and Measurement of Experimentally Produced Aortic Regurgitation by Means of Indicator-Dilution Curves Recorded from the Left Ventricle
Production of Arterial Lesions by a Humoral Factor in Parabiotic Rats
Hemodynamic Effects of Guanethidine in Man
Conduction of Cardiovascular Sound Along Arteries
Comparison of Central and Peripheral Injection Sites in the Estimation of Cardiac Output by Dye Dilution Curves
Intraventricular Pressure and the Distribution of Coronary Blood Flow
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