The Burden of the Resistance Vessels
Nutritive Collaterals of the Limb
86Rb Extraction as an Indicator of Capillary Flow
The Nutritional-Shunt-Flow Hypothesis in Skeletal Muscle Circulation
Role of Hyperosmolarity in the Genesis of Active and Reactive Hyperemia
Effect of Infusions of Osmotically Active Substances on Muscle Blood Flow and Systemic Blood Pressure
Role of Tissue Hyperosmolality in Exercise Hyperemia
Autoregulation in Normal and Pathological States Including Shock and Ischemia
Capillary Control of Blood Flow and Fluid Exchange
Non-neurogenic Tone in Isolated Perfused Resistance Vessels
Oxygen and the Local Regulation of Blood Flow
A New Candidate for Mediator of Functional Vasodilatation in Skeletal Muscle
Interactions Between Oxygen, Potassium, and Osmolality in Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow
Bioassay and Other Evidence for Participation of Chemical Factors in Local Regulation of Blood Flow
Autoregulation of the Total Systemic Circulation and Its Relation to Control of Cardiac Output and Arterial Pressure
Role of Hypercapnic Acidosis in the Local Regulation of Blood Flow in Skeletal Muscle
Micropuncture Evaluation of Local Control of Arteriolar Resistance of Kidney and Brain
Adenosine and Adenine Nucleotides as Possible Mediators of Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow Regulation
Application of Circulatory Stop-Flow to the Analysis of Intrarenal Fluid Flux
Local Regulation of Capillary Pressure
Steady State Pulmonary Transvascular Water Filtration in Unanesthetized Sheep
Redistribution of Left Ventricular Blood Flow Produced by Nitroglycerin
Total and Nutritional Coronary Flow
Role of Tissue Fluid in Blood Flow Regulation