The Role of Dietary Polyunsaturated Fat in Lowering Blood Cholesterol in Man
The Prostaglandin System
The Structural Proteins of Normal and Diseased Human Myocardium
Negative Chronotropic and Antiarrhythmic Properties of Atropine and Other Tropane Analogues on Isolated Cat Heart Preparations
The Effects of Morphine on the Mechanical Properties of the Systemic Circulation in the Dog
Mechanism of Morphine-Induced Shifts in Blood Volume between Extracorporeal Reservoir and the Systemic Circulation of the Dog under Conditions of Constant Blood Flow and Vena Caval Pressures
Regional Myocardial Dysfunction and Hemodynamic Abnormalities during Strenuous Exercise in Dogs with Limited Coronary Flow
Plasma Renin Activity in Psychosocial Hypertension of CBA Mice
The Relationship between Body Fluid Volume, Sodium Ion Concentration, and Sensitivity to Pressor Effect of Angiotensin II in Dogs
Assessment of Regional Myocardial Blood Flow and Regional Fractional Oxygen Extraction in Dogs, Using 15O-Water and 15O-Hemoglobin
Mechanically Dependent Changes in Action Potentials Recorded from the Intact Frog Ventricle
Changes in Central Catecholaminergic Neurons in the Spontaneously (Genetic) Hypertensive Rat
Neurogenic Vasodilation of Cat Cerebral Arteries
Effect of Renal Hypertension and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy on the Coronary Circulation in Dogs
Effect of Positive Pressure Breathing on Lung Lymph Flow and Water Content in Sheep
Regulation of Cardiac Output by Stroke Volume and Heart Rate in Conscious Dogs
The Effect of Agents Interfering with Soft Tissue Calcification and Cell Proliferation on Calcific Fibrous-Fatty Plaques in Rabbits
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