Circulation Research Editors’ Yearly Report: 2003
Some Like It Plastic
Lessons From Old and New Kinases
Macrophage Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Regulates Angiogenesis in Ischemic Muscle
Inherited Arrhythmogenic Diseases
Covalent and Noncovalent Modification of Thin Filament Action
Cdc42 Regulates the Restoration of Endothelial Barrier Function
Smooth Muscle—Specific Expression of CYP4A1 Induces Endothelial Sprouting in Renal Arterial Microvessels
Perlecan-Induced Suppression of Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation Is Mediated Through Increased Activity of the Tumor Suppressor PTEN
Phosphoproteome Analysis of Cardiomyocytes Subjected to β-Adrenergic Stimulation
Intracellular Localization and Functional Effects of P21-Activated Kinase-1 (Pak1) in Cardiac Myocytes
Morphological and Functional Alterations in Ventricular Myocytes From Male Transgenic Mice With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Nonlinear Changes of Transmembrane Potential During Electrical Shocks
Regulation of Connexin43 Protein Complexes by Intracellular Acidification
Spontaneous Cardiomyocyte Differentiation From Adipose Tissue Stroma Cells
Bone marrow-Derived Cells Do Not Incorporate Into the Adult Growing Vasculature
Cerebral Microvascular Responses to Hypercholesterolemia
Estrogen Elicits Cytochrome P450—Mediated Flow-Induced Dilation of Arterioles in NO Deficiency
Antagonism of RANTES Receptors Reduces Atherosclerotic Plaque Formation in Mice
Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Is Required for Adequate Angiogenic Revascularization of Ischemic Tissues
Role of Estrogens in the Regulation of Membrane Microviscosity