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Endogenous RhoA Inhibitor Protects Endothelial Barrier
Endothelial Mechanisms of Flow-Mediated Athero-Protection and Susceptibility
Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Disease in Accelerated Aging Syndromes
Adiposity and Cardiovascular Disorders
Liver X Receptor Activation Potentiates the Lipopolysaccharide Response in Human Macrophages
RhoGDI-1 Modulation of the Activity of Monomeric RhoGTPase RhoA Regulates Endothelial Barrier Function in Mouse Lungs
Role of Dicer and Drosha for Endothelial MicroRNA Expression and Angiogenesis
Dominant Negative Suppression of Rad Leads to QT Prolongation and Causes Ventricular Arrhythmias via Modulation of L-type Ca2+ Channels in the Heart
Stage-Specific Role of Endogenous Smad2 Activation in Cardiomyogenesis of Embryonic Stem Cells
Angiopoietin-2 Impairs Revascularization After Limb Ischemia
Flow Antagonizes TNF-α Signaling in Endothelial Cells by Inhibiting Caspase-Dependent PKCζ Processing
Downregulation of the Hemoglobin Scavenger Receptor in Individuals With Diabetes and the Hp 2-2 Genotype
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