Radioisotopic Renography
Bronchoconstriction in the Presence of Pulmonary Embolism
Experience with 200 Renal Artery Reconstructive Procedures for Hypertension or Renal Failure
Detection and Quantitation of Intracardiac Left-to-Right Shunts by an Oximetric Inert Gas Technic
Studies in Serum Lipids
Intracardiac Rupture of Hydatid Cysts of the Heart
A Study of Retinal Venous Blood Oxygen Saturation in Human Subjects by Photographic Means
Recognition of Anterior Wall Infarction in Patients with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Studies on Digitalis
Capillary Pattern in Familial Schizophrenics
Aorto-Inferior Vena Caval Fistula of Neoplastic Origin Hemodynamic and Coronary Blood Flow Studies
Rupture of Aortic Valve Secondary to Aneurysm of Ascending Aorta
Congenital Aortic Stenosis