Processus du développement de la sériation

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The capacities of anticipation, retroaction (hindsight), and memory have been shown to be important factors in the development of logical thought in the child. A clarification of the role of these factors was attempted by operationalizing them in a computer program that simulated aspects of the development of seriation. The program modelled the behavior of 1 7-yr-old child on various length and weight seriation tasks. Data were collected during 2 experimental phases covering a period of approximately 1 yr. During the 1st phase the S was successful on the length seriation but failed on the weight seriation; she was capable of remembering 4 digits, 2 length or weight relations, and of anticipating 1 action and the resulting state. During the 2nd phase she successfully constructed an operational strategy of weight seriation, was able to anticipate 2 actions and their resulting states, and to remember 5 digits and 3 relations. The computer program, written as a system of production rules, generates a protocol identical with the child's for each of the seriation tasks. The seriation strategies are defined so as to take account of the anticipatory and memory limitations of the child, which, in turn, determine the operational level. (13 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)

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