Expression of beta-catenin and APC protein in ovarian epithelial tumor and its implication

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To investigate the expression of beta-catenin, APC protein and its implication in ovarian epithelial tumor.


Immunohistochemical staining with SP method was conducted to determine the expression of beta-catenin and APC protein in 48 cases of ovarian epithelial tumor.


The abnormal expression rates of beta-catenin in ovarian malignant and borderline epithelial tumors were higher than that in benign epithelial tumors. The expression of APC protein in benign epithelial tumors was significantly greater than that in malignant epithelial tumors. A significant negative correlation was found between beta-catenin and APC protein in ovarian epithelial tumors.


Beta-catenin and APC protein have important effect on pathogenesis and development of ovarian epithelial tumors.

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