Early diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer with cDNA microarry

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To investigate the roles of tumor suppressor genes-PTEN, nm23H1, VEGF165, Tiam1, MMP-2, Timp2, HE4 and S100A4 in tumorigenesis and progression of epithelial ovarian cancer(EOC) and develop a novel method for the early diagnosis of EOC.


We observed the different expression profiles of those genes in normal ovary(n=5) and ovarian cancer tissue (n=20) by cDNA microarray.


In EOC, PTEN, Timp2 and nm23H1 genes were down-regulated (CY-3/CY-5<0.5), compared with the normal ovary, whereas Tiam1, VEGF165, MMP-2, HE4 and S100A4 genes were up-regulated (CY-3/CY-5>2.0). Among them, HE4 gene was remarkably elevated (CY-3/CY-5>5.0). Their expression was correlated with clinicopathological staging of EOC(P<0.01).


Those genes are closely linked to the pathogenesis and progression of EOC. cDNA microarray is an effective technique to screen molecular biological markers and predict the metastastic potential of EOC in early diagnosis.

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