Effectiveness of Nurse-Driven Inhaler Education on Inhaler Proficiency and Compliance Among Obstructive Lung Disease Patients: A Quasi-Experimental Study

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Health education on proper inhaler usage is the most feasible and accessible strategy to increase inhaler effectiveness.


To assess the impact of nurse-driven inhaler education on the compliance and proficiency of using inhalers among inhaler users.


This single-center, quasi-experimental study included the implementation of an individualized 60-min educational session on inhalers use. Health education and pretest and posttest outcomes were assessed by the Inhaler Proficiency Schedule and Patient Reported Behaviour tools.


One hundred and twenty-one participants joined the study. At pretest, participants showed inadequate knowledge of general inhaler use. No previous training had been received by participants and difficulty with use and complications from using the inhalers were reported. At posttest, participants reported improvement in inhaler proficiency scores from 5.72 to 8.60 (t = 17.99, df = 220, p < 0.001). Likewise, they showed a significant reduction towards the noncompliant behaviors from 15.21 to 11.19 (t = 16.388, df = 238, p < 0.001).


Nurse-driven inhaler education yielded positive outcomes in both inhaler proficiency and compliance. The patients' assessment of using inhalers is crucial to determine the patients' educational deficits.

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