Living biomembrane bitemplate route for simultaneous synthesis of different morphologies of CdSe and ZnSe nanomaterials

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In this paper, CdSe (nanotubes, nanorods) and ZnSe (nanorods, nanoslats) were simultaneously synthesized through a biomineralization process through biomembrane bitemplates of mungbean sprouts at room temperature. The XRD patterns indicated that these nanocrystals were crystallized in the hexagonal structure and cubic structure with lattice constants a = 0.423 and c = 0.701 nm (CdSe) and a = 0.567 nm (ZnSe), respectively. The possible formation mechanism was investigated in the paper.

On a synthétisé simultanément du CdSe (nanotubes, nanotiges) et du ZnSe (nanotiges, nanolamelles) dans le cadre d'un processus de biominéralisation à la température ambiante, à travers une biomembrane à double gabarit de germe de haricot mungo. Les patrons de diffraction des rayons X indiquent que ces nanocristaux appartiennent respectivement à des structures hexagonale et cubique avec des constantes a = 0,423 et c = 0,701 nm (CdSe) et a = 0,567 nm (ZnSe) respectivement. On a étudié le mécanisme possible de formation.

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