MicroRNAs: Clinical trials and potential applications

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MicroRNAs are novel biomolecules with a crucial function in normal cellular physiology and in pathophysiologic conditions, including cancer. Since the first report on the link between microRNAs and cancer was published in 2002, research has revealed the potential clinical implications of microRNAs. Oncology nurses play an important role in educating patients and their families about possible applications of microRNAs in oncology.AT A GLANCEMicroRNAs are critical in regulating various biologic processes engaged in the promotion or inhibition of cancer growth.MicroRNAs may be biomarkers for various clinical applications, including diagnosis, prognosis, therapy response, treatment side effects, disease risk, disease progression, and metastasis.Numerous clinical trials involving microRNAs and cancer are in progress, with the aim of validating clinical application.

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