Disease and Symptom Care: A focus on specific needs of patients with multiple myeloma

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Patients with multiple myeloma (MM) often deal with short- and long-term side effects of the treatment and disease sequelae. Reasons for inadequately managed symptoms are multifactorial (e.g., the patient may fear treatment interruption, the clinician does not assess or address the symptoms) and can affect patients' ability to remain on the recommended treatment. This article provides background surrounding this supplement's development and describes the importance of symptom assessment and management.AT A GLANCEPatients with MM are vulnerable to disease- and treatment-related symptoms often because of older age, cumulative morbidities, and medication side effects.Guidelines for nursing management of side effects in patients with MM are absent or require updating.The International Myeloma Foundation Nurse Leadership Board aimed to address symptoms that patients with MM often self-manage and provide evidence-based updates for nursing symptom care in MM.

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