Psychometric properties of the NOMO 1.0 tested among adult powered-mobility users: Propriétés psychométriques du NOMO 1.0 testées chez des adultes utilisant des aides à la mobilité motorisées

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The Nordic Mobility Related Outcome Evaluation of Assistive Device Intervention (NOMO 1.0) instrument evaluates the effectiveness of mobility devices in assessing mobility-related participation, captured by three scales (Need for Assistance, Frequency, and Ease/Difficulty) and one index (Participation Repertoire).


This study aimed to investigate a range of psychometric properties of the NOMO 1.0 in a sample of adult powered mobility device (PMD) users.


Data collected from PMD users (N = 248) in Denmark, Finland, and Norway as part of a larger study were analyzed using state-of-the-art statistical methods.


The acceptability and applicability of the NOMO 1.0 items were generally within recommended values. Some floor/ceiling effects were found and the reliability was acceptable for only the Frequency scale. The factor analysis identified one component for the Need for Assistance scale and six components of the Frequency scale.


The NOMO 1.0 should be used for research purposes and not for clinical practice. Better reliability should be established for the Need for Assistance and Ease/Difficulty scales prior to further psychometric testing to establish the validity of the NOMO 1.0.

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