Controversy Corner Revisited

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The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) holds that acupuncture is fraudulent because it has not been proven effective by modern standards. After an evaluation of the terms health, fraud, science, truth, and reality, the position of the NCAHF concerning humans and their health is analyzed. Phenomenology is described as the suitable and correct scientific method for understanding human life, humans, Chinese medicine, and Zhen-Jiu (the correct Chinese term for what the NCAHF paper refers to as “acupuncture”). It is pointed out that orthodox Western medicine is in and of itself not a science. Erroneous assumptions of the NCAHF concerning the justification for double-blind studies in Western medicine are corrected along with the NCAHF's inadequate apprehension of the objective and subjective dimensions in humans. It is shown that the NCAHF possesses very limited information about Chinese needle and moxa therapy (Zhen-Jiu) and because of this confuses in an unscientific manner the cause and effect relationships that obtain between traditional Chinese and modern Western medicines.

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