Postconcussion Symptoms as a Marker of Delayed Recovery in Children and Youth Who Recently Sustained a Concussion: A Brief Report

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To identify predictors of delayed recovery in children who sustained a concussion and sought care in a pediatric hospital.


Retrospective cohort study design.


Montreal Children's Hospital Concussion Clinic database.


Children who sustained a concussion and sought care within 10 days of the injury, with complete medical history and Postconcussion Symptom Scale (PCSS) score available.

Independent Variables:

Total symptom score on the PCSS, sex, age, history of concussion, sleep disturbances, anxiety, learning disabilities, attention problems, and depression.

Main Outcome Measure:

Delayed recovery (28 days or more).


A total of 213 children (F = 76, M = 138) with a mean age of 13.89 ± 2.55 years were included. Only total PCSS score at 10 days postinjury was identified as a significant predictor of delayed recovery (odds ratio: 1.019, P = 0.01).


This study demonstrates the potential for clinicians to identify, with the sole use of the PCSS, children at risk of experiencing symptoms for longer periods of time.

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