Randomized controlled trial to investigate the effect of metal clips on early migration during stent implantation for malignant esophageal stricture

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The rate of stent migration, especially in the short term after implantation, is high in the treatment process. We sought to explore an effective method for preventing early migration after stent implantation for malignant esophageal stricture and to provide the basis for clinical treatment.


We conducted a prospective, open-label, parallel-assignment randomized controlled trial with patients undergoing stent implantation for malignant esophageal stricture. The proximal segments of stents in the treatment group were fixed with 2 metal clips during the perioperative period of esophageal stent implantation, while no treatment was used in the control group. All patients underwent radiography at 3 and 7 days and 1 and 3 months after placement to assess the stent migration.


There were 83 patients in our study. Demographic characteristics were similar between the groups. There was no stent migration observed in the treatment group within 2 weeks of the operation, while stent migration was observed in 6 of 41 (14.6%) cases in the control group, occurring at 3 and 7 days after placement. There were no perioperative complications.


Perioperative fixation of the proximal segments of stents with metal clips is effective in preventing early stent migration.

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