Clinical Evaluation of Purilens, an Ultraviolet Light Contact Lens Care System

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Purilens™ is a new contact lens care system that uses ultraviolet light and subsonic turbulence for lens cleaning and disinfection. In a single hands-off process using only preservative-free sterile saline, the lenses are ready to wear after a 15-minute cycle. This study was designed to test the safety of this contact lens care system. A total of 84 contact lens wearers from six centers were enrolled in the 3-month study, which comprised an initial visit and follow-up visits at 1,2,4,8, and 12 weeks. At the end of the study, lenses and units were collected and a questionnaire was completed. Seventy-six of the 84 subjects (168 eyes) completed the study. No severe eye complications were reported, and no patients were removed from the study because of ocular problems or complications associated with the device or its use. Four patients were removed from the study for noncompliance with follow-up. Another four patients were active for 2 months, but were requested by the sponsor to complete the study 1 month early to complete data collection. Patient satisfaction was high. The study suggests that Purilens may be considered as an alternative for contact lens cleaning and disinfection

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