The Use of Occluding Tinted Contact Lenses

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Purpose:We explored the clinical issues surrounding the use of tinted contact lenses for vision occlusion in cases of debilitating vision disturbance, such as intractable diplopia.Methods:We report the results with four patients fit with occluding tinted contact lenses.Results:Vision occlusion by contact lenses provided a suitable comfortable occlusion method with improved cosmesis compared to occlusion by spectacles. Lens parameters and tint specifications were ordered for each patient. Correct lens care and handling were necessary to avoid contact lens related ocular inflammation.Conclusion:Provided that lens care is satisfactory and the patient does not have unreasonable expectations, a tinted contact lens can be a useful alternative to a covered spectacle lens or eye patch when occluding one eye, such as in cases of intractable diplopia, severe vision distortion, or intolerable photophobia.

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