Spontaneneous hydrops in pellucid marginal degeneration: documentation by OCT-III

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Corneal pellucid marginal degeneration (PMCD) is an idiopathic condition characterized by non-inflammatory, non-ulcerative thinning of inferior peripheral cornea. PMCD has been reported occasionally complicated with hydrops owing to break in descemet membrane. We herein report a 38-year-old man, who presented with sudden dimness of vision in right eye. Clinical findings and Orbscan II were suggestive of PMCD in both eyes with hydrops in right eye. Slit-lamp and optical coherence tomography of right eye showed central descemet's detachment without any break. Patient underwent descemetopexy by isoexpansile C3F8 (14%) and is doing well with significant improvement in the hydrops.

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