Molecular and cytogenate analysis of an X/autosomal translocation: 45,X,dic(X;17)(p22.2;p13)

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We present an unusual case of monosomy 17p13-pter and monosomy Xp22.2-pter due to a dicentric translocation chromosome X/17 in a female newborn with severe anomalies. The karyotype was identified as 45,X,dic(X;17)(p22.2;p13) by high resolution GTG banding in lymphocytes. R banding showed the translocational X-chromosome to be late replicating, and there was no spreading of X-inactivation onto the autosomal segment. Furthermore, it could be demonstrated by C banding that the X-centromere in the translocation chromosome was inactive.

The results of short tandem repeat (STR) typing confirmed the partial monosomy X and 17 as well as the paternal origin of the two chromosomes X and 17 which were involved in the translocation chromosome formation. The cell stage of the structural rearrangement was consistent with paternal meiosis as well as with postzygotic mitosis. The monosomy was confirmed in lymphocytes and fibroblasts, and mosaicism was not detected.

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