Myhre syndrome

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Myhre syndrome (MS) is a developmental disorder characterized by typical facial dysmorphism, thickened skin, joint limitation and muscular pseudohypertrophy. Other features include brachydactyly, short stature, intellectual deficiency with behavioral problems and deafness. We identified SMAD4 as the gene responsible for MS. The identification of SMAD4 mutations in Laryngotracheal stenosis, Arthropathy, Prognathism and Short stature (LAPS) cases supports that LAPS and MS are a unique entity. The long-term follow up of patients shows that these conditions are progressive with life threatening complications. All mutations are de novo and changing in the majority of cases Ile500, located in the MH2 domain involved in transcriptional activation. We further showed an impairment of the transcriptional regulation via TGFβ target genes in patient fibroblasts. Finally, the absence of SMAD4 mutations in three MS cases may support genetic heterogeneity.

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