Isolated limb infusion with cytotoxic agent for treatment of localized refractory cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

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We described a 57-yr-old male diagnosed with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma that had failed multiple treatment options, as his disease was mainly confined to one limb. We attempted a novel approach in this condition using a technique of intra-arterial limb infusion with cytotoxic agent Melphalan (ILI) which has been proven beneficial in management of localised malignant melanoma. This treatment approach was well tolerated with mild myelosuppression and moderate limb toxicity. However, a significant improvement has been noted in the affected limb. This case demonstrated the successful use of isolated limb infusion with Melphalan in the management of localised cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. However, this result needs to be confirmed and further study is recommended. We are unaware there have been similar cases reported in the literature.

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