Candida albicansEndophthalmitis in Brown Heroin Addicts: Response to Early Vitrectomy Preceded and Followed by Antifungal Therapy

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The management ofCandida albicansendophthalmitis in intravenous drug abusers (IVDAs) has yet to be established. Early vitrectomy was previously reported as a promising treatment forC. albicansendophthalmitis. In our series,C. albicansendophthalmitis was diagnosed for 15 IVDAs. Funduscopic examinations confirmed severe vitritis in 12 patients and chorioretinitis in three. Blood and vitreal cultures were positive forC. albicansfor seven and eight patients, respectively. Patients with vitritis received antifungal therapy before and after vitrectomy. Amphotericin B or fluconazole therapy was given according to the physician's preference. Vitrectomy was defined as early if it was performed within 1 week after the diagnosis of vitritis. All seven patients who underwent early vitrectomy had a favorable response without complications. Two of three patients who underwent late vitrectomy developed blindness or scotoma. Blindness was also described in two patients with vitritis who did not undergo vitrectomy. Early vitrectomy preceded and followed by antifungal therapy seems to be appropriate management of vitritis in IVDAs.

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