Pierpont syndrome: report of a new patient

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Pierpont syndrome (OMIM #602342) is a rare disorder characterized by developmental delay, characteristic facial gestalt, hearing loss, and abnormal fat distribution in the distal limbs. A specific mutation in TBL1XR1 [c.1337A>G; p.(Tyr446Cys)] has been described recently in six unrelated patients with Pierpont syndrome. We report on a male child with developmental delay, distinctive facial dysmorphic features, dystrophy, and abnormal fat distribution in the feet, in whom we identified the identical TBL1XR1 mutation. This patient also had additional clinical features including microphthalmia, pendular nystagmus, cryptorchidism, dermal sinus, and peripheral joint laxity, which had not been reported previously in association with Pierpont syndrome. This patient corroborates the assumption that Pierpont syndrome is exclusively caused by the specific TBL1XR1 missense mutation p.(Tyr446Cys) and the additional features broaden the phenotypic spectrum of this rare disorder.

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