Clinical and molecular characterization of the first familial report of 1p32 microdeletion

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Structural rearrangements of chromosome band 1p31p32 are rare, and their phenotypic consequences remain poorly delineated. Up to 12 patients with learning difficulties, developmental delay, multiple congenital anomalies and microdeletion of the chromosome band 1p31p32 have been described. Inheritance of this deletion has not been reported previously. We describe the inheritance of the 1p32 deletion and discuss the relevance of this deletion to the described phenotype. The differences in clinical and molecular characteristics between the proband and other published reports are reviewed. Patients were evaluated in Genetics Clinic with history, examination and investigation. The existing literature on interstitial deletions of 1p was reviewed. Here, we report on a three-generation family, where the index patient was an adult female with learning difficulty, dysmorphic features, microcephaly, ambiguous genitalia, congenital hip dislocation and brachydactyly in whom a maternally inherited 1.45 Mbp interstitial deletion was detected at 1p32.3. Both her mother and maternal grandmother have learning difficulties and dysmorphic features. There are 14 OMIM genes in the deleted region including LRP8 and DMRTB1. The NFIA gene is not deleted in this family. The first report of a familial 1p32 microdeletion in three generations of a family carrying the smallest reported a deletion involving this region and brachydactyly as a previously unreported feature.

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