In vitro fixator rod loading after transforaminal compared to anterior lumbar interbody fusion
Effects of different levels of torso coactivation on trunk muscular and kinematic responses to posteriorly applied sudden loads
An on-body personal lift augmentation device (PLAD) reduces EMG amplitude of erector spinae during lifting tasks
A comparison of individual joint contributions to multijoint position reproduction acuity in overhead-throwing athletes
The effect of arm position on stretching of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and posterior portion of deltoid muscles: A cadaveric study
Effect of suture material on gap formation and failure in type 1 FDP avulsion repairs in a cadaver model
Stimulation parameter optimization for functional electrical stimulation assisted gait in human spinal cord injury using response surface methodology
Changes in strain distribution of loaded proximal femora caused by different types of cementless femoral stems
Gesture standardization increases the reproducibility of 3D kinematic measurements of the knee joint
Influence of the tunnel angle in ACL reconstructions on the biomechanics of the knee joint
Influence of functional bracing on the kinetics of anterior cruciate ligament-injured knees during level walking
Dynamic in vitro measurement of posterior cruciate ligament load and tibiofemoral stress after TKA in dependence on tibiofemoral slope
Experimental evaluation of the holding power/stiffness of the self-tapping bone screws in normal and osteoporotic bone material
An MRI investigation of intervertebral disc deformation in response to torsion
JCLB Reviewer List 2005