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Rapid diagnostic tests to detect pathogenic microorganisms
Rapid methods for diagnosis of bloodstream infections
Validation criteria for nucleic acid amplification techniques for bacterial infections
Incidence of bacterial transmission and transfusion reactions by blood components1)
Strategies of bacteria screening in cellular blood components1)
Methods for the detection of bacterial contamination in blood products1)
Bacteria detection by flow cytometry1
Rapid screening by real-time 16S rDNA PCR for bacterial contamination of blood products1)
Microbial safety of cell based medicinal products---what can we learn from cellular blood components?
Screening for genetic heterogeneity in the interferon sensitivity determining region of the hepatitis C virus genome by polymerase chain reaction with melting curve analysis
Thiopurine S-methyltransferase (TPMT) pharmacogenetics : three new mutations and haplotype analysis in the Estonian population
Genetic testing for adult-type hypolactasia in Italian families
Improved real-time detection of the H63D and S65C mutations associated with hereditary hemochromatosis using a SimpleProbe assay format
Easy detection of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase 1298A/C genotype by mutagenically separated PCR assay
Mediterranean diet and plasma concentration of inflammatory markers in old and very old subjects in the ZINCAGE population study
Plasma interleukin-1β, −6, −8 and tumor necrosis factor-α as highly informative markers of pelvic inflammatory disease
The effect of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and their treatment on parameters of oxidative stress and antioxidant status
Breath isoprene---aspects of normal physiology related to age, gender and cholesterol profile as determined in a proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry study
Prohormone brain natriuretic peptide (proBNP), BNP and N-terminal-proBNP circulating levels in chronic hemodialysis patients. Correlation with ventricular function, fluid removal and effect of hemodiafiltration
A comparison of two different assays for determining S-100B in serum and urine
Diagnostic, clinical and laboratory turnaround times in troponin T testing
An international comparability study to determine the sources of uncertainty associated with a non-competitive sandwich fluorescent ELISA
A new general regression-based approach for method comparison studies
Procalcitonin values in preeclamptic women are related to severity of disease
Cross-reactivity between λ antiserum and fibrinogen : a double trap in interpretation of serum protein electrophoresis
Erroneous result of white blood cell differential count in a patient with mixed hyperlipidemia
Lack of association of GH T1663A variation and IGFBP3-202A/C polymorphism with risk of ischemic stroke in Chinese
Quality planning and analytical quality requirements derived from biology