Design Of An Electronic Antiperspirant Device

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A simple, effective and safe treatment for hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating) has long been needed. Published studies have established that application of low-level electrical currents to the surface of the skin inhibits perspiration. Until the development of the electronic device described here, safe methods for applying such current had not been recorded. This paper describes an iontophoretic modality, using tap water as the conductive medium, to inhibit perspiration from human hands, feet, or underarms over a long period of time. In the past, the well-documented potential for injury associated with iontophoretic devices was the basis of lengthy investigations and led to several designs and patents that prevent iontophoretic burns, vesicles and bulla, and electric shock. There are no contra-indications for the electronic technique described in this paper which we designate, Drionic®. This iontophoretic device has been designed for home self-use without use of chemicals. A quality control method for positive verification of performance is also described. Clinical studies have been completed which verify safety and effectiveness; however, marketing awaits approval by FDA.

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