Assisted Drug Risk Management Using Computer-Controlled Infusion Pumps and a Programmable Bedside Monitor

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An automated, drug-risk-management computer program is presented. This program was designed to be run on the SpaceLabs PC monitor equipped with the PC mode option. This option enables the user to execute programs on the monitor as if it were a standard personal computer. Drug dosages, rates, and bag sizes can be entered; the program converts these data into volumetric units (ml and ml/hr). The data are then used to automatically set the infusion pumps. Every four minutes, all current pump data are stored in a disk file. The program displays typical dosages, indications, and side-effects for fourteen commonly used drugs. Having this program available at each bedside would relieve the clinician of arduous hand calculations and may avoid the possibility of pump setting errors. This program can manage up to sixteen infusion pumps but with additional hardware and software modifications, over sixty-four pumps could be managed. The system has been completed and clinical trials are planned.

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