Pulmonary Function Testing Using LabVIEW

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We developed a LabMEWtm software program on a Windows95tm operating platform to acquire and process data collected trom a volume-displacement plethvsmograph. This system is used in a pulmonary research laboratory to evaluate lung mechanics and spirometry of research subjects and patients. By using the LabVIEWtmpackage, we quickh developed a system that incorporates data acquisition with post analysis of respiratory signals. This package pro\ ides several built in features, such as signal integration, matrix manipulation and least-squares estimation routines. In addition, this program can launch the HiQtm application for report generation and post anahsis. By using the LabVIEWtmpackage we are able to provide the flexibility required in a pulmonary research setting.Index under: Least-squares; lung mechanics; LabVIEWtm; Pulmonary Function Testing

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