Role of heart rate in the relation between regional body fat and subendocardial viability ratio in women
CD19+CD20−CD27hi IL-s10-producing B cells are overrepresented in R-CHOP-treated DLBCL patients in complete remission
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Orchidectomy attenuates high-salt diet-induced increases in blood pressure, renovascular resistance, and hind limb vascular dysfunction: role of testosterone
Hyperoxia-mediated LC3B activation contributes to the impaired transdifferentiation of type II alveolar epithelial cells (AECIIs) to type I cells (AECIs)
Effects of transthyretin on thyroxine and β-amyloid removal from cerebrospinal fluid in mice
Pharmacological rescue of hERG currents carried out by G604S and wide type hERG co-expression
Female rats induced with mammary cancer as a relevant animal model for doxorubicin-induced chemobrain in vivo
The role of Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) in cardiac ischaemic-reperfusion injury, cardioprotection and preconditioning