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Significant Role of Aspirin Use in Patients With Esophagitis
The Importance of Hiatal Hernia in Reflux Esophagitis Compared with Lower Esophageal Sphincter Pressure or Smoking
HIV-1 gp41 Antigen Demonstration in Esophageal Ulcers with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
A High Frequency of Detection of Helicobacter pylori in Whitish Exudate of Gastric Ulcer
Arterial Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure, and Pulse Rate During Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy— Influence of Sedation and Age
Anorectal Manometry and Defecography in the Diagnosis of Fecal Incontinence
Pancreatic Enlargement in Alcoholic Pancreatitis
Acute Pancreatitis Associated with Anomalous Union of the Pancreaticobiliary Ductal System
Esophageal Stricture After Cytomegalovirus Ulcer Treated with Ganciclovir
Peptic-Ulcer-Induced Aortoenteric Fistula
Methamphetamine-Induced Ischemic Colitis
Valproic-Acid-Induced Pancreatitis
Endogenous Septic Endophthalmitis in Severe Acute Hepatitis with Septicemia
Gallbladder Abnormalities in Acute Viral Hepatitis
The Role of Intrahepatic Portal Venous Stenosis in the Formation and Progression of Hepatolithiasis
Selective Necrosis of Encapsulated Malignant Lesion within Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia of the Liver Following Transarterial Embolization
Acute Pancreatitis Induced by Mesalazine
Ectopic Pancreas Cyst in the Mesocolon
A Case Seeking an Entity
Lysis of Adhesions in Perihepatitis
Virchow-Troisier's Lymph Node
Clinical Esophagology Course
Live Endoscopy Demonstration in Shanghai, China
Congress on Cancer of the Esophagus
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